Week 4

Projects have been kicking my ass lately. Work has been crazy with a few projects coming dew at the same time making for some overtime. I’m also pushing hard to get my camper skinned. It has rained every few days for the last couple of months which is not normal for LA. Despite all the distractions I have still been training, though not with the intensity I had hoped for, still better than nothing. On the plus side I moved 3 miles from work so now I have an extra 2 hours a day that I’m not sitting in traffic and I have started riding my bike to work instead of driving. I have to adjust


My commute may only be 3 miles but I’m riding it at a fast pace keeping my heart rate in the cardio range instead of the fat burning range, and riding it everyday.

Climbing on Tues and Thursday



Recycling week ones meal-planning


The usual.


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