I love to cook! While I’m not a true chef, I never went to culinary school or worked in a kitchen, I have developed several recipes over the years and I’m going to share them on here from time to time. Most of these recipes came from an idea. I think of something I’d like to learn how to cook. Then I look up as many recipes as I can find to see the different ways people have made it. Then I start to put my recipe together. I leave out things I don’t like, add things I do, then I experiment with it taking meticulous notes each time I make it. Some recipes take three or four times, some take years, some just get scratched all together. I have also gotten a few recipes from people over the years but I have experimented with these too and changed them to fit my taste. It’s a fun process and it makes it feel more like a DIY project making it more enjoyable every time I cook.

My recipes are to my taste and I don’t apologize for the amount of garlic in anything. Many of my recipes are meant to be quick so I can make them any time. I will often call for things like pre-chopped garlic or caned veggies but if one were to just replace these things with fresh ingredients it would definitely add to the flavor.

To track my recipes I use an app on my iPhone. There are many of them out there but the one I use is called Recipe Box. It has some cool features like direct import and I can share the recipes with my iPad or with others. If they have the same app sharing is easy. I haven’t tried any other apps but there are several of them so you should find one that you like.

While I’m not a chef my youngest brother Daniel is. He went to Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Los Angeles and has worked in fine dining restaurants as well as started his own restaurant at one point. While I create my recipes almost scientifically, Daniel just starts grabbing stuff, uses some of his voodoo magic and makes a meal you’ll drool over. I have asked him to help out with this portion of the blog by adding pro-tips for those looking to add a little more to the meal. The tips will very but in general they will be more complicated ways to do things but while they’ll add time and difficulty they’ll also add flavor. For example I use caned tomato paste in my pasta sauce but he might write a tip on how to make the sauce from fresh tomatoes. This wont be on every recipe but it will be pretty often.

I hope you enjoy this portion of the blog, feel free to post any changes you made to recipes if you make any.


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