The Trad Rack

Recently a new friend asked me about building a trad rack and asked for advice on what to buy and what order to buy it if his budget only allows him to buy 2 cams per month. It was the way I built my rack 15+ years ago and if I had to rebuild my …

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Will it fit?

With a new truck comes new modifications, the camper was custom made to fit on a first gen Tacoma, a mini truck, and I now need it to to fit on a full sized Chevy. Not a big deal but in my mind it does look a little funny now. I knew when I started …

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38.527655, -111.745320   Fish Lake is a beautiful alpine lake sitting at an elevation of 8,848ft in the Fish Lake National Forest in central Utah. This lake provides recreational activities like scenic drives, mountain biking, snowmobiling, hiking, camping and OHV use, as well as elk hunting and trout fishing. It is also home of one …

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